<meta />War of the Twins

<meta />2000 years after Death had come to Kor’Balean a great war erupted between the twin gods Zophiel and Apollyon. Apollyon had grown bold with his plans for destroying the world and baptising it in the cleansing fires. Zophiel who was normally the most understanding of the gods towards her brother, learned of his plans to enter the core of the world and to cast a spell that would break the world asunder causing the very core of the world to spill forth onto its surface. She had taken a vow of nonviolence and had never harmed a living being, but that day Zophiel took up arms against her brother and was the first to strike at him. Every blow she landed on her brother caused pain to herself.

The gods of good, Canonicus and Congrea, sided with Zophiel as did Raziel, Cassiel, and Sammael. Malus came over to their side towards the end of the war along with four of her children, Sahqo-nah Olba’han the Red, Biibolok Dinok the Blue, Graagvii Dostpraan the Green, and Sotodah Nokpra the White. Ruvaak Krasnovaar the Black stayed with his father to the end.  The war waged on and on leaving scars in the landscape and closely approaching exactly what the world had looked like before Improbus had given the will to choose to mankind. Zophiel was not going to let her brother tear this world their father had created to pieces. So she went to Improbus to see if he had an idea of how to end this madness without having to end Apollyon’s existence. Improbus was surprised that the goddess of good would come to him, when asked why she told him that it was because trickery sometimes is the greatest tool to ending a war. He was impressed with how the young goddess had blossomed in her wisdom and shared a plan with her on how to seal away her twin. It would require a lot of power and sacrifice of all the gods though.

His plan was to allow Apollyon to enter the core of the world and once he was there to seal him in a prison there where his spell will have no effect and Apollyon would be the heart of the world. Part of what would make the ritual work, he explained, would be that Zophiel would be banished to her realm of Li’ Tolea and would never be able to return to the material plane just like her twin. There was a catch, however, it would require the help of all the gods working together as one to cast the spell to seal Apollyon away, and she would have to be the one to convince them, for they would never listen to him, because he explained they too would be sealed away from this plane. All the gods would be sent to their own planes just as the core of the world will become Apollyon’s new home so will the other gods find homes as well.

Zophiel went to the other gods and explained to them that she had discovered the way to defeat Apollyon and seal him in the world and put an end to the madness, but she would need all of their help and the end result would be that she could no longer return to the material plane. She did not tell the other gods about what would happen to them knowing that none of them would agree if they knew. She was prepared to do what needed to be done to defeat her brother whatever the cost. Zophiel especially needed the help of Apollyon’s children, the dragons had great magical powers as the spawn of two powerful gods, and were the keys to creating the prison of their father. All of the dragons would need to be sealed in the surface of the world to create the bars of the cell that would hold the endbringer. Sahqo-nah Olba’han, Graagvii Dostpraan, and Sotodah Nokpra all agreed to be sealed away with Apollyon in exchange that Biibolok Dinok stay free to nurture the growing magic of this world. The gods all agreed to help the dragons and Zophiel in the ritual, and they all prepared for the coming Ragnarok.

Improbus on the fateful day showed Apollyon the way to the core of the world luring him into the trap. When the dragon entered the core, Zophiel and the other gods cast the spell that would imprison Apollyon in the world. As the spell was cast the Graagvii Dostpraan was sent North, Sahqo-nah Olba’han being the biggest was in the middle, and Sotodah Nokpra was sent south. As the dragons flew the lines of power connecting them circled around the world forming a perfect spiral cage. At the completion of the spell the gods of Kor’Balean felt themselves hurled away from the world into the astral plane, as Apollyon and his children were imprisoned in the world. Zophiel had prepared herself for being exiled from the world but she had not accounted for what would happen to her once her twin was imprisoned.

Zophiel was filled with immense power, it filled her to the point where she could not control it, she began to tear apart her own plane with raw power emanating from her very being. Afraid for what might happen Zophiel channeled as much of the energy as she could and began wrapping it around the plane, creating a great celestial star providing warmth to the planet.